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Prestige Home Watch Service Coordinating Repairs Or Maintenance

March 10, 20242 min read

Can Prestige Home Watch Service coordinate repairs or maintenance on my behalf?

Yes, Prestige Home Watch Services offer coordination of repairs or maintenance tasks as part of their comprehensive property management offerings. When homeowners are away, coordinating repairs or maintenance tasks can be challenging, especially if they are unfamiliar with local service providers or lack the time to oversee the process themselves. Home Watch services can help fill this gap by serving as a liaison between homeowners and trusted contractors or service providers.

Here's how a Prestige Home Watch Service may coordinate repairs or maintenance on behalf of homeowners:

Assessment and Recommendation: When a problem is identified during a property inspection, the Home Watch Service will assess the issue and provide recommendations on the appropriate course of action. This may involve obtaining quotes from trusted contractors or service providers and presenting them to the homeowner for approval.

Scheduling: Once the homeowner approves the proposed repairs or maintenance tasks, the Home Watch Service will coordinate scheduling with the selected vendors to ensure timely and efficient completion of the work. They will also arrange access to the property for the vendors as needed.

Oversight: Throughout the repair or maintenance process, the Home Watch Service may oversee the work on behalf of the homeowner to ensure that it is performed to the highest standards and in accordance with the agreed-upon scope of work. They will provide regular updates to the homeowner on the progress of the project.

Quality Assurance: After the repairs or maintenance tasks are completed, we will conduct a final inspection to ensure that the work meets the homeowner's expectations and specifications. They will address any issues or concerns that arise and ensure that the property is left in good condition.

Documentation and Reporting: Throughout the coordination process, we will maintain detailed documentation of all communication, work performed, and associated expenses. They will provide comprehensive reports to the homeowner, including invoices, receipts, and before-and-after photos, to ensure transparency and accountability.

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