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Home Watch Services

Home Watch Service

What does a Home Watch service provide?

A home watch service is a professional service that provides regular inspections of a home while the owner is away. These inspections are designed to monitor the security and the outside maintenance of the home, as well as checking for any potential problems inside and outside of the home that could lead to damage or loss.

Home Watch Inspections

What type of Home Watch inspections are there?

There are two main types of inspections that are performed both inside and outside which assess the condition, safety and functionality of your home. We will customize your inspection to cover any additional concerns you might have. Here are our main inspection points that we will cover on our routine inspections of the inside and outside of your home:

Outside home inspections:

Exterior check:

Assessing the condition of the exterior, including the roof, siding, facia board, gutter, downspouts and foundation for signs of damage or wear.

Curbside appeal check:

Assessing the grounds around the home are well maintained. This includes checking the landscaping, garden, trees and sprinkler system.

Security check:

Making sure the doors, windows, garage, outdoor lighting and security system is in working order. Checking for any damage to all entry points around the home and making sure it is secure.

Pool and spa check:

If applicable, checking condition of pool and spa is well maintained as well as, to make sure the is locked up tight, with no access into the pool area.

Pest infestation check:

Identifying and addressing potential pest issues on the exterior of the property. Checking all possible entries for pests to get inside the home and well as any trees that overhang the roof.

Inside home inspections:

Security check:

We check to make sure the security system is always running by staying in touch with monitoring company and police. We will do a thorough check making sure all windows and doors are locked and testing any motion and/or glass break devices in the house.

Climate control check:

We will check the HVAC system to make sure it is set between the recommended temperature of (75-77 degrees) and make sure system cuts on and off correctly as well as checking any humidifier.

Major appliance check:

Checking the condition and functioning of all appliances such as refrigerator, water heaters, toaster and garbage disposal.

Water leak check:

Assessing the overall condition of the interior of the house looking for signs of water leaks and possible mold, especially in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room.

Every month we will provide a report to cover what we saw at our inspections as well as pictures to support it. Any sign of breach of damage will be reported directly to the homeowner right away and will be documented in the report.

Home Watch Benefits

Why is Home Watch Services important?

There are several reasons why you might consider using a home watch service:

1. Protect Your Property:

Protect Your Property: A home watch service can help protect your property from damage by identifying potential issues early on, such as water leaks or pest problems, and arranging for timely repairs.

2. Deter Criminal Activity:

Regular inspections of your property can help deter criminal activity by making your property appear occupied.

3. Save Time and Hassle:

Coordinating repairs and maintenance can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you are not located near your property. A home watch service can save you time and hassle by handling these tasks for you.

4. Reassurance:

Knowing that your property is being regularly inspected and maintained can provide you with reassurance, especially if you are away from your property for an extended period.

5. Protect Your Investment:

A home watch service can help protect that investment by letting homeowner know that they can put their trust in them to watch over their property.

Overall, using a home watch service can provide you with a range of benefits and help you protect your property and investment while providing peace of mind when you are away from your home.

Home Watch Service Customers

Who Needs Home Watch Services?

Vacation Homeowners:

Individuals who own vacation homes or second residences and spend extended periods away.


People who migrate to warmer climates during the winter and leave their primary homes unattended.

Frequent Travelers:

Individuals with frequent business travel or travel for leisure, leaving their homes unoccupied.

Property Investors:

Investors who own multiple properties and need oversight when they are not physically present.

Military Personnel:

Military personnel who may be deployed for extended periods and need someone to care for their homes.

Individuals on Long-Term Assignments:

Professionals who have long-term work assignments in different locations and are away from their homes.

Home Sellers:

Individuals who have moved but have not yet sold their previous homes and want to ensure they are well-maintained.

Seasonal Owners:

Individuals who spend only part of the year at a specific residence and want year-round care.

Individuals with Multiple Properties:

People who own multiple properties and find it challenging to manage all of them simultaneously.

Those Renovating or Building:

Individuals in the process of renovating or building a home and want oversight during the construction phase.

In essence, Home Watch services cater to a diverse range of individuals who, for various reasons, are not consistently present at their homes. These services provide reassurance by knowing that properties are secure, well-maintained, and prepared for the owner's return.

Home Watch Services Additional Services

What types of additional services does a home watch service provide?

In addition to the regular inspections and maintenance checks, a home watch service may offer a wide range of additional services depending on the needs and preferences of the homeowner. Some common additional services that a home watch service may provide include:

Project Management Work

work with the appropriate licensed contractor to see that any repair services are completed professionally and forward the homeowner the before and after pictures.

Storm Prep Services

We first discuss with homeowner how they want to proceed with any possible hurricane or storm, whether it’s us making calls to their contractor and us just overseeing the job, or if they want us to handle it from start to finish, first and foremost we stay informed 24/7 with the ever-changing weather and we stay in contact with our clients through the entire storm from start to finish, we move anything outside that isn’t bolted down to a secure area to prevent any property or physical damage that might occur.

Vehicle Watch Services

Check vehicles by starting-up and driving vehicles weekly/monthly.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Home Watch service and a Home Sitting service?

"Home Watch" and "Home Sitting" services may sound similar, but they serve different purposes and involve distinct responsibilities. Here is an explanation of the two types of services: …Read More

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Is Home Watch the same as home security?

Home Watch and home security are related concepts, but they are not the same. They serve distinct purposes and offer different services:.....Read More

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Are Home Watch services only for vacation homes?

Home Watch services are not limited to vacation homes. While they are commonly associated with vacation or seasonal properties, Home Watch services can be beneficial for a variety of residential properties....Read More

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How does a Home Watch Service communicate with homeowners during their absence?

Prestige Home Watch Services employs various methods to communicate with homeowners during their absence, ensuring that they stay informed about the condition of their property and any notable developments. Some common communication methods include:...Read More

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What happens if Prestige Home Watch Service discovers a problem during an inspection?

If we discover a problem during an inspection, we will typically take immediate action to address the issue and notify the homeowner accordingly. The specific steps taken will depend on the nature and severity of the problem, but common protocols may include:...Read More

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Can Prestige Home Watch Service coordinate repairs or maintenance on my behalf?

Yes, Prestige Home Watch Services offer coordination of repairs or maintenance tasks as part of their comprehensive property management offerings. Here's how a Prestige Home Watch Service may coordinate repairs or maintenance on behalf of homeowners:...Read More

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Our Accreditation


NHWA Accredited

Accredited members of the NHWA must pass a strict vetting process for consumer complaints or issues. They must carry the proper insurance (which is always available for review). They must agree to uphold the highest ethics in the Home Watch industry. Accredited members of the National Home Watch Association will always look out for the best interests of the Homeowner.

For more information about our NWHA accreditation click HERE.

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