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Home Watch Service VS Home Sitting Service

February 01, 20241 min read

What is the difference between a Home Watch service and a Home Sitting service?

"Home Watch" and "Home Sitting" services may sound similar, but they serve different purposes and involve distinct responsibilities.

Here is an explanation of the two types of services:

Home Watch Service:

Purpose: A Home Watch service is primarily designed for property maintenance and security during the homeowner's absence. It's often used by homeowners who are away for an extended period, such as for vacation, seasonal relocation, or business trips.

Responsibilities: Home Watch services focus on routine inspections and checks, including monitoring for signs of issues like water leaks, pest infestations, or HVAC malfunctions. They also ensure the property's security, pick up mail, and perform tasks like adjusting lighting and maintaining the landscape.

Prevention: The primary goal is to identify potential problems early to prevent damage or issues from escalating.

Home Sitting Service:

Purpose: A Home Sitting service, on the other hand, is centered around occupying the home and providing companionship, particularly when the homeowner is temporarily away but wants someone to stay in their house.

Responsibilities: Home Sitters are often responsible for staying in the home, taking care of pets, ensuring the security of the property, and performing basic household tasks, such as feeding pets, watering plants, and maintaining a lived-in appearance.

Companionship: The primary focus is on providing companionship and security, rather than performing extensive property inspections or maintenance.

In summary, while both services involve looking after a home in the owner's absence, Home Watch services are primarily focused on property maintenance and security, while Home Sitting services revolve around providing companionship and ensuring the property remains occupied. The choice between the two services depends on the homeowner's specific needs and priorities.

Home Watch Services vs Home Sitting Services

Randy Klotzman

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